Daniel Gawthrop tells all on “The God Show”

If they ever make a movie, “The Vatican”, the promo text goes, you know who may play the villain? Pope Benedict XVI. Veteran U.S. radio broadcaster Pat McMahon interviews Daniel Gawthrop about his new book, The Trial of Pope Benedict. Their free-wheeling discussion covers everything from the promise of Vatican II to the Great Disillusionment, from closeted gay Curial bishops to how Pope Francis might end up playing the hero. Podcast on 92.3 KTAR-FM, “The Voice of Arizona,”…

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CBC Television interview on Pope Francis

Jorge Bergoglio had just ascended to the Throne of Saint Peter a few hours earlier, but I was one of seven "experts" the CBC asked on March 13 to, er, pontificate on his likely impact for the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. It was slightly surreal, to be talking about a Church I had left 26 years earlier as if I was still really a part of it. Here's the interview.

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