Affirmation: The AIDS Odyssey of Dr. Peter

“Perhaps you feel there’s enough information about AIDS in the popular press, but we’re going to be approaching this from a different point of view. I’m going to be introducing you to someone with AIDS to help provide a name, a face, and an identity to this disease. The person I’m going to introduce you to is myself. I’m a doctor, but I’m also a patient—a patient with AIDS.”

As Peter Jepson-Young introduced himself to the dinner-hour TV news audience, nobody foresaw that his AIDS Diary would become a two-year, 111-episode series that would bring him worldwide recognition, including an Oscar nomination, as ‘Dr. Peter,’ the charming and articulate public educator on AIDS and gay rights.

Daniel Gawthrop interviewed Peter Jepson-Young’s family, friends, lovers, and colleagues, and in Affirmation, he introduces readers to the man behind Dr. Peter.

Currently out of print.