The Rice Queen Diaries

April 30, 2005

The Rice Queen Diaries
(Arsenal Pulp Press, 2005)

rice-queen-small-2Available at quality book stores.

In this moving autobiography, Daniel Gawthrop writes about the politics and pleasures of being a self-identified “rice queen”: a gay man who is attracted to Asians. Navigating through the jungles of western cities like London and Vancouver, the humid streets of Bangkok and Saigon, and the dimly lit recesses of personal memory, Gawthrop explores the multicultural minefields of sexuality and culture as he articulates the manners and contradictions of his desires, and where they take him.

Evoking the themes of Edward Said’s Orientalism, The Rice Queen Diaries  is as much an intimate statement about culture and otherness as it is about gay desire. Traversing three continents, these diaries are a personal reckoning, a bold coming to terms with the nuances of love and sexuality that resonate in all of us.

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