A selection of Daniel’s published essays, features and reviews over the years.

Slumming in the Promised Land

    Published in Xtra! West on November 28, 1996 By Daniel Gawthrop About an hour into the Promise Keepers rally, I’m sitting across the aisle from a cherubic, 16-year-old blond from Abbotsford when prayer leader Brian Warren invites all the teenaged boys to rise from their seats. Warren—whose righteous, Afro-American baritone recalls the Bible-and-gun-toting Samuel Jackson character from Pulp Fiction—wants every boy to remember this moment for the rest of his life. So he…

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Whose Death Was It Anyway?

  WESTERN LIVING   November, 1993 [Winner of the 1994 Western Magazine Award for Best Personality Profile] People Whose Death Was It Anyway? One year later, that’s the question still being asked about Dr. Peter. By making his private struggle with AIDS so very public, he left himself wide open. Open to new experiences, old prejudices and controversies that have yet to be put to rest. By Daniel Gawthrop                       Illustration by Anita Kuntz ON NOVEMBER 24,…

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Pavelmania: Loving the Russian Rocket

          Three articles about Vancouver Canuck Pavel Bure drew commentary from Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada, the Globe and Mail, the Village Voice, and LA Weekly. The first three articles that follow are by Daniel Gawthrop. The final three are the responses. ======================================================================================================================= Sex Sells, like a Rocket Published in the Vancouver Sun on March 28, 1992 Saturday Review MIXED MEDIA  By DANIEL GAWTHROP In the macho environment of…

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