A selection of Daniel’s published essays, features and reviews over the years.

Gays and Hockey, Breaking the Ice at Last

    By Daniel Gawthrop Posted on thetyee.ca, August 4, 2012 Tomorrow afternoon, as he waves to the Denman Street crowds from one of North America’s largest processions of drag queens, leather men, and dykes on bikes, Vancouver Canucks centre Manny Malhotra will play a big role in helping slay the dragon of homophobia in professional sport. Just by showing up at the Pride parade, along with Patrick Burke of the “You Can Play” project…

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Why I Listen to the Pope

Posted on thetyee.ca, February 19, 2012 I'm a gay lapsed Catholic who’s moved on. Yet I allow Benedict XVI to bedevil me. Here’s why. By Daniel Gawthrop On January 9, Pope Benedict XVI made fresh headlines by declaring that gay marriage undermines “the future of humanity itself.” This statement went further than his earlier pronouncements on the subject, which described same-sex unions as merely a threat to the family. Like all his other public statements…

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Dr. Peter, and the Hard Work of Legacy Building

    Posted on thetyee.ca, September 27, 2010 Heroes are complicated and none is perfect. Case in point: the famed AIDS Diary doctor. By Daniel Gawthrop This month marks the 20th anniversary of a remarkable event in local television news broadcasting: the debut on CBC's Evening News of AIDS Diary, a five-part miniseries -- later a weekly segment -- that introduced viewers to Peter Jepson-Young, a 33-year-old medical doctor suffering from AIDS who would one…

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Books: Then We Take Berlin by Stan Persky

                Books: Then We Take Berlin by Stan Persky SUGGESTIVE READING / Postmodern genre-bender still sizzles Posted on xtra.ca, April 15, 2010 In each issue, a prominent literary Canadian recommends a queer-authored book. In this installment, non-fiction writer Daniel Gawthrop recommends Stan Persky’s Then We Take Berlin: Stories from the Other Side of Europe (Knopf Canada, 1995). Shortly after Then We Take Berlin’s release, a rather obtuse Globe…

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Burma’s generals go scot-free

Burma’s generals go scot-free
epa02094578 Myanmar's military supremo Senior General Than Shwe reviews the troops during the 65th anniversary Armed Forces Day in the new capital city Naypyitaw, Myanmar, 27 March 2010. The Myanmar's junta chief implied that the military will play a pivotal political role in the country after this year's planned election, which most observers fear will be neither free nor fair. EPA/RUNGROJ YONGRIT

COMMENT: Burma’s generals go scot-free Nonintervention lets the world’s worst dictatorship terrorize with impunity. By Daniel Gawthrop Published in the Georgia Straight on October 4, 2007 As September drew to a close, the world watched with increasing revulsion as protests led by Buddhist monks against the brutal dictatorship of Burma were violently crushed by the same military thugs the protests were aimed at. TV coverage of jubilant marches gave way to scenes of tear gas,…

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