April 2010

Books: Then We Take Berlin by Stan Persky SUGGESTIVE READING / Postmodern genre-bender still sizzles Posted on xtra.ca, April 15, 2010 In each issue, a prominent literary Canadian recommends a queer-authored book. In this installment, non-fiction writer Daniel Gawthrop recommends Stan Persky’s Then We Take Berlin: Stories from the Other Side of Europe (Knopf Canada, […]


Praise for Vanishing Halo

April 30, 2010

Vanishing Halo belongs on the required reading list for all environmental journalists and educators. Nothing like it has previously been written. It is thoroughly readable, clear, accessible to anyone and unparalleled in scope. —Canadian Forum Gawthrop’s Vanishing Halo is a nicely-written, informative account of a part of the slow-moving ecological disaster that will confront the […]