April 1996

Praise for Highwire Act

April 30, 1996

A decent and worthy undertaking, an even-handed profile of the province’s departing premier who gave mostly good government to an ungovernable province. —Peter C. Newman, in the Vancouver Sun Clear-eyed, partisan, highly readable….Gawthrop argues persuasively that Harcourt got a raw deal from the local media; Highwire Act, then, can be regarded as a necessary corrective. […]


(New Star, 1996) Mike Harcourt was determined to put his own moderate stamp on the new NDP government that succeeded Bill VanderZalm’s scandal-ridden, confrontational regime. From his first day in office, Harcourt worked hard to strike a balance between his critics on the left, who pushed for an ambitious program of change, and the party’s […]